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CMS for software developers.

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Designed specially for software developers. It takes advantage of our knowledge of high performance tools.
Unlike most CMSs, it uses flat markdown files to store content. It's fast, clean, portable, intuitive and which allows you to use whatever text editor you like. Besides, most developers are used to it.
Control your project with the best SCM available. You will always keep a copy of your valuable markdown files with you. You can edit local and push the changes to the live repository. All it takes is a git push.
Powered by Pico, a great CMS system for flat markdown files. Pico's source code is extremely simple and can be extended by plugins and themes.
This project is meant to be used by developers. Specially for those who value their freedom. Not only the service is free, but there is no "lock in". You can always host your markdown files somewhere else. No hurt feelings. Pico is open source and you have the git repo with your custom content.
No Ads
Web ads are mostly hateful. I will try my best to provide a high quality service free of ads.

How it works

Getting your markdown files hosted is extremely simple.

Step 1. Register new space

Enter your email, space name and SSH public key. Your space will be created and your GIT repository will be sent to your email.

Step 2. Edit your markdown files

Create and edit the files on your GIT repo with your favorite text/markdown editor.

Step 3. Publish your content by pushing your commits

As soon as you push something to origin master, it will be visible on

Get Started

Just sign up and start using it.

If you need help generating/locating your ssh public key, please refer to the Generating SSH keys GitHub page


Tell what you think about this project. Feedback is always welcome.